Post Shields and Water Damage

Post Shields and Water Damage

An important topic with consumers regarding Post Shields is water damage.  We are frequently asked two questions regarding this issue: will Post Shields prevent the post from wood rot caused by rain flow? And will Post Shields increase wood rot caused by water standing around the post?  To answer these questions, we’re first going to discuss wood rot. 

Wood rot is caused by several kinds of fungi, including but not limited to, decay fungi.  Decay fungi will break down the cellular structure of the wood and cause a significant loss of strength to the wood.  According to Colin McCown, executive vice president of the American Wood Protection Association (AWAP) decay fungi requires four basic conditions to survive.  Oxygen, water, moderate temperatures and food.  Decay fungi is apparent when the wood becomes either darker or lighter than surrounding wood and develops checks and cracks in the discolored area.*


A key element to the design of Post Shields are the ridges on the inside of the shields.  They are there to help let the wood breathe.  The ridges create a space between the post and the Post Shields allowing rain to flow down into the ground rather than collecting between the two and also allows the post to dry out after the rain has stopped.  The picture below shows how the four shields install around the post and gives you a view of the ridges on the inside of the Post Shield.


Wood rot is caused by natural elements and to prevent that you would be fighting against nature.  The ridged design on the inside will not increase the chances of rot in your post.  Post Shields understands the importance of keeping your post structurally sound and looking great.  This is why we designed a product that will protect your post and keep it looking new for years to come.

*The information on wood rot used for this blog can be found in more detail at Deck Magazine

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