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4x6 Post Shields
john smith
Too small

Bought 4x6 post protectors and they do not quite fit a 4x6 post.
4x6 posts need 5x7 sizes to fully wrap around a 4x6 post.

Hi John,

We're sorry they don't fit for your needs. Our 4x6 Post Shields are designed to fit the standard 4x6 labeled post. The standard 4x6 labeled post is 3.5' x 5.5'. There are a few exceptions which is why we request in all our product descriptions to please measure your post to verify its size before purchasing. We do have custom options for reasonable prices to accomidate these circumstances.
For a quote visit the link here:

4x4 Post Shields
Stephanie Molnar
Measure your posts

Hi! This is such a great idea. I was disappointed, however, in your Amazon listing, as it wasn't super-clear that these are for 3.5-inch posts. We have an old installation that uses actual 4x4s and they don't fit. I see here on your actual site "measure your posts". I just want to say--seriously. Measure your posts.

Excellent product and customer service

The 5" round post hole works perfectly on our community lamp posts. I'm ordering additional ones right now to put them on all 12 lamp posts. Thank you for a great product!

What a great product! Also the clearance pricing was really worth it. Easy to assemble and install. Just took a few minutes and I had 4 put on in no time. I’ll never chew up my posts again while trimming around the mailboxes. Worth it many times over. Thanks Post Shields!


6" was perfect fit for pole getting destroyed by eweed wacking. Very Easy to install

3” Post Shield

Could have used instruction sheet for 3” post shield. Worried it would break when opening around post.

6x6 Post Shields
darrell walters

love theproduct

Light Post Shield

Amazing- exactly what I needed! Thx!

4x4 Post Shields
C Holdaway
Nice solution

We will stop slicing up our deck supports by using these! Fairly easy install.

Use for guard on PVC tube psot

Worked great. Had some trouble figuring out how to open and get on post but when I emailed they immediately responded and even made a video to show me. Got it on easily after watching the video. Great Customer Service. Would recommend for sure.

Great Products! Work Perfectly! Easy to Install!

I first bought the shield for my 4x4 mailbox post to keep from taking the paint off while weedwhacking. I later bought the round shield for my lamppost after I repainted it. Both have worked flawlessly! I have now bought both the 4x4 and round shields for my son to use at his house as he prepares to repaint his mailbox and lamp posts.

Post Shield

An amazing High Impact PVC PVC Pipe Expandable shield that install by expanding then letting it close back up. It fit tightly around my 4" PVC Gutter Drain Pipes and did not even have to use the Adhesive strip. Then it slid down to ground level to protect the PVC PIpe from yard crew string trimmers...

4x6 Post Shields
Bob Walters
4x6 Post Shields

Covered My Mount Brackets and screws and looks great

Excellent All Around

Great customer service. Sent me a replacement order after the initial measurements were off. The replacement came quick and fit perfectly. Product was exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend.

Perfect Fit

Recently poured a slab under an existing pergola. Bottoms of the post were beat up (time and string trimming). Snapped into place for the perfect fit and cleaner look.

Love the mailbox post protector

Love it… great idea.

Saved my deck posts before it was too late

You can see the severe damage to my deck posts, which is now protected from the yardmen's whittling.

5” post shield

I did receive the Post Shield. It’s already on my lamppost. It was exactly what I needed to protect the base of the post from the landscapers! A perfect fit.
Thank you.

Really nice and simple, but limitations as noted.

I have a Pergola with 6x6 support posts whose ground-level post covers (Cedar) have deteriorated. These look great for correcting that BUT the posts are screwed into their mounts with screws that protrude from the mounting brackets and do not allow a secure fit for the covers. I will work around that by removing the screws, mounting the covers, and drilling the screws THROUGH them, allowing them to fit properly. Extra work, but there are few alternatives other than crafting new Cedar covers, which I really don't want to do.

Great Product

The round post shields work great on my gutter down spout drainpipe. I installed UG pipe for my gutter drains and these post shields will protect the pipe from my string trimmer.

Worth it!

Easy to put on my lamp post, fits perfectly, and durable! Definitely worth it.

4x4 Post Shields
Rod Searls

Very happy with your product. Please be advised I followed on products delivery time. The next thing displayed said I was $3.00 short on postage. They wanted my name address & credit card #.
My package was sent prepaid. I ignored(my phone gave a full page alert of fraud). My package was delivered on time. I have no idea how they got into my
order with you to try to get my info.
Rod Searls

Hello Rod, It was definitely not us requested further information or payment after purchase. Always be aware of spam attacks as they can prey on recent online purchases no matter the security used. We work direct with our shipping partners and we will never request to cover a short shipping charge. If you ever are, feel free to contact us for help.

New swing set.

Return buyer. Added a new swing set for G kids and wanted to protect the posts. Easily installed in minutes.

Nice product

Easy install

4x6 Post Shields
John Connell
Sizes can be deceiving

I bought a 4 x 6 shield. But the width is more like 3 3/4 and the length is more like 5 3/4. The problem is that I actually have a mailbox post that measures exactly 6 x4. So it was a waste of money and I couldn't use it.

Hello John, I'm sorry they did not fit your situation. We do have a notice on the product page for sizing information and a warning to measure before purchasing. Post Shields are designed to fit the standard nominal size posts which can be confusing when dealing with a true to size post like you have. We do have our Custom ClamShells Post Shields which we can make at your required size as a replacement. Contact us at if you'd be interested in that option.