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About us

Post Shields, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  Our goal is to solve the everyday problem lawn care and property maintenance can do to wooden posts. 

We came up with the concept for Post Shields by noticing the posts in our neighborhood were being destroyed by grass trimmers and yard maintenance.  The only options to fix the damaged posts were to repaint the posts frequently, replace the posts too soon or spend thousands of dollars to switch to other composite fencing options.  We knew we had to come up with an easier and less expensive way.

Post Shields, shield the base of posts such as mailboxes, fences, etc.  They are four individual shields that slide together to cover and protect existing or new posts from string trimmers and other lawn care equipment.  Installs in seconds with no tools and their visually pleasing design adds a luxurious and finished look while saving time and money on unneeded maintenance. 

We started getting the word out about Post Shields by sending emails to DIY and home improvement bloggers and magazines.  The Family Handyman magazine was interested in our product and wanted to learn more.  After receiving a few samples, we were informed that they wanted to put us in the “Products We Love” section of their September 2015 issue.  This was our big break!  The phones didn’t stop ringing and the orders were pouring in for months after the issue came out.  We knew that there was interest and a demand for our product.