Cedar Fence vs Vinyl Fence

Cedar Fence vs Vinyl Fence

There are three key factors to consider when thinking of purchasing a fence for your yard: cost, maintenance and durability.  The most common types of fences are wood and vinyl.

Cost For most homeowners, cost can be the largest or main factor in deciding between a wooden or vinyl fence.  Cedar fencing is the less expensive option and includes many of the same benefits a vinyl fence offers.  Vinyl fencing is more expensive, but some premium brands can include lengthy or lifetime limited warranties.

Maintaining a cedar fence is quite simple Cedar is a sturdy wood that naturally repels insects, meaning it does not need to be stained or painted to protect the wood.  Cedar will not warp or shrink and has a pleasant smell with a reddish look.  It can be stained or painted for a personalized look.  Lawn maintenance can do damage to the bottom of wood posts, which can be an eyesore.  Adding a Post Shield to the bottom of your fence posts protects against chipping from a string trimmer and makes maintenance to a cedar fence virtually non-existent. All you need to do is clean the fence with a pressure washer occasionally.  Vinyl fencing does not require a lot maintenance.  Dirt can build up over time so cleaning with a hose or pressure washer can be necessary.  Mildew problems can arise with vinyl fences if they are located near sprinklers or in rainy areas.  It is easily removed but needs to be removed quickly to avoid staining.

Cedar is one of the most durable types of wood.  Its natural oils help repel insects and resist rot.  If installed properly, it can withstand snow, high winds, heavy rains and sunlight.  A cedar fence can also act as a sound barrier.  Vinyl fencing can stand up to pests, decay and fungus but is sensitive to extreme temperatures.  Extreme heat and harsh cold can cause vinyl to expand, bend or become brittle.  High wind can cause the fence to twist and call for repair.  Repairing a vinyl fence can be expensive.  Unlike a cedar fence, you cannot remove a single post for repair.  Typically, an entire panel or section of the vinyl fence has to be removed to make repairs.

Bottom Line
Cedar is a cost-effective and durable fencing option for your yard.  Vinyl has a higher price tag but is a nearly maintenance-free and durable fencing option.  You can save a considerable amount of money by choosing a cedar fence over vinyl.  With the addition of Post Shields, your cedar fence can stand hand in hand with some of the best quality vinyl fencing with no damage worries.

Vinyl fence posts can also be covered with Post Shields.  Scrapes, cuts and cracks from string trimmers and other lawn maintenance equipment can damage posts of all material, size and quality.  Post Shields saves you that hassle.


  • Deborah

    I hired someone to put up a vinyl fence and gave them 40% down which was $1200. The total would be $2800. They tore down my wooden fence and once it was down they told me the vinyl fence would not be in for two more weeks and would I consider a cedar fence and I said OK. My contract says vinyl fence. They charged me 2720$. I thought a wooden fence was much cheaper than a vinyl fence so I’m wondering if I have been scammed

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  • Lyla Peterson

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  • Lloyd Bronson

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