Introducing the Post Shields ClamShell

Introducing the Post Shields ClamShell

Post Shields, Inc is releasing, the ClamShell.  A custom made to order one-piece unit that wraps around the post completely for a uniform look.  Just like the original Post Shields, there are no tools needed for installation and it goes on in seconds.  ClamShell Post Shields are made out of the same ABS high impact plastic as the original Post Shields.  You can now protect all size rectangular posts!

They are available in white or black at 6 inches in height and your specified L"xW".  There have been many questions asked about the differences between the original Post Shield and the ClamShell. The main difference is the ClamShell being one piece of plastic formed to your dimensions.  The ClamShell has more flexibility to open up at one seam and wrap around the bottom of existing posts rather than individual shields that come together. The ClamShell has been made from as little as 2.5 inches in width to as large as 9 inches.

No matter the size Post Shields, Inc. wants to make sure your posts are protected!

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