Post Shields for Curb Appeal

Post Shields for Curb Appeal

Post Shields were designed to protect and prevent your wooden posts from string trimmers and other lawn equipment damage by wrapping around the bottom of the post to become a barrier between your post and the trimmer.  Did you know they can be used as a landscape design feature for your yard as well?

Post Shields act as a trim piece to your post.  Their function is to protect but their design gives your post and yard a more finished look and adds curb appeal to your property.  We're noticing more and more customers are using Post Shields for decoration.  They're installing Post Shields on posts that aren't surrounded by grass and aren't in danger of a string trimmer.


To help enhance the curb appeal of your property we have upgraded one of our Post Shields products, Post Shields XL.  Post Shields XL is now 18 inches in height, available in white, black or bronze colors and comes in both the 4x4 and 6x6 sizes.  Included in your order of Post Shields XL are your mailbox numbers.  This little touch adds a design flare not only to the Post Shield but to your mailbox as well.  Post Shields XL is only available on our website.

We are offering free shipping on all purchases, minus Clamshell orders, and you can receive 10% off your order if you sign up for our newsletter.  

As always, we ask that you measure your post before purchasing to verify the size.  

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