Post Shields Backyard Landscaping Tips

Post Shields Backyard Landscaping Tips


Gardening is one of the best ways to improve your landscape. Give your backyard some color to accompany a path or a symmetrical design to please the eye. Consider perennials with a stone edging and an accompanying mulch to bring your garden to life. For an elegant and relaxing aesthetic, try adding a pond.

Fence or wooden trellis

A fence can serve as a privacy barrier or simply add an artful appeal to your backyard. Start by measuring and laying out fence posts. Then dig the holes and add concrete and gravel. Once the fence posts are in place, attach the fence panels. Add Post Shields to the base of each fence post for protection and added aesthetic.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to give your backyard a central gathering location. To build a fire pit, you first need to create a circle by picking a spot in your yard and inserting a stake where the center will be located. Next, tie a string around the stake, measuring how wide you want your circle to be, and drag the string around the stake using a trowel or spray paint to mark the circumference. After that, shovel out the grass circle and tamp it down. Use a leveler to make sure the circle is level. Once your circle is level, spread a thick layer of gravel and arrange your bricks in a circle. Using a fire-resistant mortar, stack bricks to a height of your liking and enjoy!

Lay a path

Adding a brick or stone path to your landscape can help to invite guests into your backyard garden utopia. Once you decide on a path, excavate it and lay your edging. Then, lay down some leveling sand and tamp it down. Next, cut and lay down your paving blocks. Once your path has been laid, pour more leveling sand over the top and brush it into the cracks between paving blocks.

Lawn care

With all these great ways to improve your backyard landscaping, it is easy to forget about basic lawn care. Keeping up on mowing, removing weeds and the use of seasonal fertilizers are all best practices for a healthy lawn. After mowing, make sure to use a string trimmer for edging around landscaping stones, fence posts or other objects that may be hard to mow around. Protect any posts you need to trim around with Post Shields.

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