Budgeting for maintenance? The hidden savings you didn't know about?

Budgeting for maintenance? The hidden savings you didn't know about?

When budgeting for your maintenance plans you want to review two types of maintenance. Preventative Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance. Both should be used in maintaining your homes and/or properties at varying levels. Paint and gutter cleaning is more preventative and monthly inspections of mechanical equipment fall under predictive maintenance. A combination of both types is key to understanding your maintenance plan in order to complete your budget.

Chipped Patio Posts

You have your major concerns such as HVAC, water heaters, sprinkler systems, and landscaping. All can be managed with a preventative or predictive maintenance plan. One item that is often overlooked is post maintenance. That is usually seen as a reactive maintenance plan. When something looks bad or is broken and needs to be repaired, that is when you take action. Posts for mailboxes, fencing, signage, outdoor structures, pergolas, decks, patios, and more should all be put on a preventative maintenance plan. Whether you have a long fence line or a multiple unit HOA with mailboxes, you can spend thousands of dollars painting and repairing those posts. If you have vinyl fencing, just a few cracked posts or holes could cost you thousands in repair costs digging those posts up for replacement. Metal painted posts will chip which can lead to rust and additional expensive paint and replacement costs.

Broken Fence Post

The cause of all these problems is simple. String trimmers and other lawn care equipment. Simply taking care of your lawn is adding to your budget each and every season. If you have a landscaping crew using high powered equipment, at the speed in which they move, it can't be expected for them to not hit a few posts. Even if they are the best crew out there, they might chip a post or two. You could also have homeowners taking care of their own trimming who may not be as careful as others in the association. I've even heard of fees being charged to homeowners who have paint chips and damage on the posts in an attempt to avoid this concern.

The damage is not only costing money but taking away from the much-valued curb appeal of your property. A comfortable outdoor space is key to enjoying your home and properties. In the past, it was impossible to maintain your posts without a large budget set aside every year or two. Now there are slick new tools to help you save time and money.

Post Shields are an innovative solution for protecting existing or new posts from damage caused by string trimmers and other lawn care equipment/services. The simple design gives any outdoor space a luxurious and finished look you'll love while saving time and money on unneeded maintenance.

  • Increase your curb appeal and the look of your landscape. Add value to your property and protect it from string trimmer and maintenance damage.
  • Save money on maintenance fees from not re-painting, repairing, or replacing your posts.
  • Speed up your yard work. You can save an abundance of time and money as you will no longer need to worry about damage to your posts.
  • Easy installation with no tools needed, even on existing posts. Post Shields don’t require you to remove the post or anything on it. You also don't need screws, nails, or any tools. Post Shields are the only solution that does not increase damage to the post during the installation. All Post Shields products are engineered to save and protect the post.
  • High Impact, UV Protected Rigid-PVC. High strength with long-lasting color.

Post Shields fit standard 4x4, 4x6, and 6x6 posts. They are 4 individual shields that join together for an easy installation. If your posts have already taken a beating, you can use Post Shields to cover and immediately stop further destruction while adding to your curb appeal! They also come in custom sizes for anything outside the standard.

Post Shields Comparison

Covering your posts won't make you a million in savings overnight, but it can significantly decrease your maintenance budget. If you are looking for a way to clean up your mailboxes or fence line, this will do it. In return, they simply look great and protect from any future damage. Post Shields also offers huge discounts for HOA and Property management companies to invest in their properties. Follow the link to request a quote: Request A Quote

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