Basic Mailbox Maintenance Tips

Basic Mailbox Maintenance Tips

Mailboxes are not usually the first thing on a homeowner’s mind when it comes to yard maintenance. They often go unnoticed until they have been damaged by lawncare equipment, age, or other factors.

There are a few basic maintenance tips for homeowners to keep a mailbox looking brand new. Consider tightening loose hinges on the door, taking care of rust or loose parts, replacing missing or faded house numbers and keeping the post in good shape.

Faded or chipped paint on your mailbox and post should also be updated to add curb appeal to your yard.

To prepare for painting your mailbox, remove it from the post and remove all parts including the numbers, flag, and door. Clean everything with an all-purpose cleaner to insure the new coat of paint will adhere to the mailbox. Rinse the mailbox with water and let dry. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rust or mold.

Make sure to check the weather conditions before you start painting your mailbox. You will want to work outside or in a well-ventilated area. The primer and paint for your mailbox should be outdoor quality paint. Apply two coats of primer, making sure the first coat is dry before applying the second.  Once both coats of primer are dry you can apply the first coat of paint.  Let the first coat of paint dry before adding a second or third coat.

Paint the door and flag of the mailbox while the primer and paint coats on the mailbox are drying.

Let the paint dry completely before reassembling the mailbox and reattaching it to the post.

To paint the mailbox post, remove the mailbox and any address numbers. Sand the post to remove any moss, mold or mildew. Then, fill any cracks or holes with wood filler or paste. Apply two coats of primer and once dry, apply the first coat of paint.  Let each coat of primer and paint dry before applying a new coat.  Once the post is completely dry, you can reattach the mailbox and numbers.  Add a Post Shield to protect your newly painted post.

If your mailbox has been knocked down and you need to install a new post, check out our How to Install a Wooden Post blog.  You should also check with your local postmaster or the USPS website for any rules or guidelines on where to place your new mailbox post.

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