49 DIY Ideas for Instant Curb Appeal

49 DIY Ideas for Instant Curb Appeal

  1. Paint Front Door – Painting your front door can provide instant curb appeal to your home. Go with a bright color to give it a fun and unique feel that contrasts the exterior color or a darker gray for a more modern feel.

  1. Upgrade Door Hardware – Ditch your dated doorknob and accessories in favor of a flat black or brushed nickel finish. This can completely change someone’s first impression of your home. Choose different shapes and looks match the theme of your home.

  2. Upgrade Posts with Post Shields – Protect and preserve your mailbox post, fence posts, deck posts, pergolas, swing sets and other posts on your property from every day wear and tear and add to the aesthetic of your home with Post Shields. You can even add custom address numbers with our Post Shields XL.

  3. Paint or Cover Electrical Box - Don’t let that ugly electrical box take away from the aesthetics of your exterior. Paint it the same color as your home or cover it up with an armoire to improve curb appeal.

  4. Cover AC Unit - Covering your central air conditioner unit can really add to the look and feel of your home exterior. Build a structure out of wood and give it a modern or vintage look depending on the theme of your home. Additionally, add some plants or flowers around the structure.

  5. Update House Numbers – Get rid of those old house numbers and give your home a modern feel with updated address numbers. Place the numbers on some rustic reclaimed wood, a flat board or a planter to tailor the look and feel to the theme of your home.

  6. Branch ladder or Trellis – Use a branch ladder or trellis in your garden or against your house to add curb appeal. Let vines or flowers climb up the side or decorate it with with seasonal décor.

  7. Paint Exterior Brick – Give those dated bricks a makeover and paint them one solid color. For the best results, power wash the brick first and be sure to repair any damaged surfaces. This can completely change the look and theme of your home.

  8. Paint or Replace Shutters – It may not seem like much but changing your shutters can completely update the exterior look of your home. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to paint them. If you want to take it a step further, you can buy or make new shutters.

  9. DIY Planters and Flower Pots – Give some old flower pots a fresh coat of paint or convert an old wash tub into a planter. Two identical flower pots on each side of your front door help to add some symmetry to the front of your home. Get creative!

  10. Plant Flower Bed - The side of your house or garage is often neglected. Give it a makeover by planting a flower bed and some plants and flowers of your choice. This can help to mask any shaded dead grass, flaws in the foundation, etc.

  11. Stain Your Walkway – First, make sure to get all of the dirt off the surface of your concrete walkway using a power washer, stiff broom or other method. Next, wet the concrete and apply the stain. This low-cost option can add significant curb appeal.

  12. Line Walkway with Stone or Brick – Lining a walkway can really class up your home. Choose brick or stone depending on the theme of your home and add instant curb appeal.

  13. Edge Gardens with Stone - Get rid of that old plastic edging and replace it with bricks or stone to give your garden its finishing touch. A clean edge around a flowerbed can give make your whole garden look neat and tidy.

  14. Mulch Flower Beds – This standard practice can help conserve moisture, suppress weeds and reduce erosion. It also adds to the aesthetic of your garden and improves the landscape of your entire yard.

  15. Update Light Fixtures – A dated light fixture can throw off the entire theme of your home. A simple fixture update provides an accent that can bring out other characteristics of your home. This update can vastly improve someone’s initial impression.

  16. Window Boxes – Window boxes add charm and additional color accents to your home. Build your own with reclaimed wood for a rustic look or give it a fresh coat of paint for a cleaner look. Don’t forget to create drainage!

  17. Hose Station – A messy, tangled hose can throw of a first impression of your home and work against the overall aesthetic of the theme. Purchasing or building a hose station is a simple fix that will create a clean look and provide you with less headaches as you tend to your lawn.

  18. Line Walkways with Solar Lights – Lining your walkway with solar lights can really add the overall curb appeal of your home, especially at dusk. Choose a design that accents the theme of your home and place each light evenly apart to give your yard symmetry and class.

  19. Paint Gutters – Are ugly dated gutters throwing off the aesthetic of your home? Sometimes a simple paint job can fix this and add a nice accent color to the theme. This can also save you the money and hassle of installing new gutters.

  20. Porch Floor Stencils – Completely demolishing an old concrete porch can be costly and time consuming. Consider stenciling a modern pattern onto your porch as a cheaper alternative that adds a unique accent to the aesthetic of your home.

  21. Paint or Replace Railing – Painting a wood railing with an accent color or completely replacing a dated iron railing can help to make a home look more modern. Pick a railing and color that matches the theme of your home and add instant curb appeal.

  22. Landscape Around Trees – Simply landscaping around a tree can instantly improve the aesthetic of your home. Try planting a small flower garden and edging it with brick or stone. You could even build a wooden bench around a tree.

  23. Birdhouse – Adding a birdhouse to your porch or garden can help to improve the aesthetic. Choose a style that matches the theme of your home, whether that be rustic vintage or modern minimalism.

  24. Large Decoration on Door – Whether it be a seasonal wreath or the initial of your last name, a large door decoration can add some character to your home. Make sure it is securely mounted to avoid damaging the piece.

  25. Fence Post Lighting – Adding fence post lighting can really class up your home. Choose an option that matches your theme, whether that be hanging Mason jars with small tea lights for a rustic feel or capping each fence post with a modern looking solar light.

  26. Build a Pergola – Building a pergola over your garage or windows can create a grandiose feel that instantly updates the aesthetic of your home. Consider painting it to match the trim or letting vines climb and decorate the structure. Applying Post Shields to the base of this structure will help to protect it from the elements.

  27. Unique Doormat – A unique doormat is a quick and easy way to add curb appeal and welcome your guests. Add a little personality to your home and find the perfect doormat for you or design your own!

  28. Faux Stone Panels – Faux stone panels are quick and easy to install and can really class up your home. Consider using them as accents or cover that ugly concrete foundation. There are many styles and patterns to choose from. Find the right one for your theme.

  29. Brick or Stone Walkway – Take your walkway a step further by laying a brick or stone walkway. Designate a path, lay the base and then apply bricks and leveling sand. Use a wet saw to cut brick or stone as needed.

  30. Hang Framed Picture – If your front porch has a roof over it and some open wall space, consider hanging some framed pictures for a personalized artistic touch. Match the frame and content of the frame to the theme of your home and give it that unique accent that welcomes your guest.

  31. Fill Wagon or Wheel Barrow with Seasonal Décor – Filling an old wagon or wheel barrow with seasonal décor creates a welcoming feel for your home. Try an assortment of pumpkins and gourds during the fall and some garlands and mock gifts for the holidays.

  32. Seasonal Garland Over Door – Draping a seasonal garland over the framework of your front door is a quick and easy way to add curb appeal during the holidays. Decorate the garland with the appropriate décor to match the theme of your home.

  33. Lamp Post – A lamp post is a great accent piece to the front of your home. Choose the right style to fit your theme, consider including your home address numbers or even landscaping around the base for added curb appeal.

  34. Wooden Posts Along Walkway – Line a walkway with wooden posts and include a Post Shield at the base for added aesthetic. Consider hanging planters or lights from each post to compliment the theme of your home. A well-placed single post could also double as a hanger for a Welcome sign or address numbers.

  35. Power Wash and Stain – Power washing and staining is a cost-effective alternative to installing a new porch or deck. First, power wash all the mold and mildew off your porch or deck. Then, apply the stain and you’ll be amazed at how great it turns out.

  36. Seating – Adding a refurbished bench or hanging swing to your front porch creates a welcoming environment. Repaint an old bench or Hanging swing, add a few decorative throw pillows and enjoy instant curb appeal!

  37. Giant Welcome Sign – It is always good to make your guests feel welcome. Acquire an old rustic piece of wood to place vertically. Choose a lettering method of your choice, whether it be stenciling or attaching metal letters. Consider adding some accents, such as a decorative ribbon and you’re all set.

  38. Raised Porch Cover – The area beneath a raised porch can be an eyesore. Try covering it up using a lattice porch skirt or some plywood siding. Apply a nice paint job or take the aesthetic a step further by covering the plywood with faux stone.

  39. Plant Grass Seed – A patchy, unhealthy looking lawn can negatively affect a first impression of your home. Give your lawn the care it deserves and plant grass seed to fill in patches. This will give your turf a lush carpet-like feel.

  40. Cover Ground Eyesores - Eyesores like utility boxes, meters and grates can be a challenge. Consider hiding them with landscape techniques like mulching or cleverly placed plants and flowers.

  41. Garage Door Accents - Upgrade the look and feel of your garage door with a decorative accent kit. Choose a kit that matches the theme of your home. These easy to install accent kits are a cost-effective way to give your garage door instant curb appeal.

  42. Clean Your House – Sometimes, it’s as simple as applying some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Clean off dirt and grime accumulation from the outdoor elements or power wash your siding. Make sure to be thorough and pay attention to detail; the end result may surprise you.

  43. Screen Door Décor – Hang a decorative plant or seasonal wreath on your screen door. Be sure to consider the theme of your home. These little accents can warm the aesthetic and add curb appeal.

  44. Cap Fence Posts – Capping your fence posts with a decorative top or solar light can give a classy feel to an otherwise bland object in your yard. This is a cost-effective alternative to buying new fencing and opens doors to an array of options that can accent the aesthetic of your home.

  45. Build Privacy Wall – Building a privacy wall using reclaimed wood is a great way to save money. Choose a pattern of your choice and stain to your liking. Protect the posts of your privacy wall with Post Shields. You can even hang some accent pieces on the wall to match the theme of your home.

  46. Reface Concrete Steps – Old concrete steps can be an eyesore. Refacing the steps with stone or tile can help to give them a more modern aesthetic and add instant curb appeal. If the steps are damaged, be sure to repair them before resurfacing.

  47. Hang Outdoor Drapes – Hanging outdoor drapes on your porch gives your home the luxury feel of an island resort. Not only will you enjoy the aesthetic as the curtains dance in the summer breeze, you will tickle the imagination of all who pass by. 

  48. Landscape Corner Fence - Installing a landscape corner fence is a great way to accent your yard. Adding some additional elements such as a small garden and edging rocks can take it to the next level. Use Post Shields for additional curb appeal and preservation of your fence posts.

Protect and preserve the curb appeal of your home today and check out our selection of Post Shields!

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